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Alberta is divided in to 3 zones and a total of 10 management units for the purpose of fish and wildlife management. There are no Salmon runs in Alberta, but what is missing in the lack of Salmon is made up by large Lake Trout, and large Northern Pike.

The most Westerly of the 3 zones is the Alberta Eastern Slopes zone which sits along the Alberta Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains. The 4 management areas of this zone divide the Alberta Eastern Slopes zone in to basically 4 temperate zones.

The Alberta Eastern Slopes zone of the province is where you will find most of the trout fishing in the province. Here you will be able to target fish species such as Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Bull Trout, Cutthroat Trout as well as rare species such as the Golden Trout. In this zone you will also be able to catch Grayling, Mountain Whitefish, Burbot as well as Pike, and Walleye.

In the southern part of the Province East of the Alberta Eastern Slopes Zone is the 2 Alberta Parkland Region Zones. In this part of the Province you will find the medium size rivers that drain the Province and several small shallow prairie lakes. The lakes contain a variety of Walleye, Pike and Perch. While the rivers contain as many as 29 varieties of fish.

In the Southern zone of this region is the city of Calgary. Here you will find the Bow River which is a world class trout fishery. In the Northern part of this region you will find the city of Edmonton. Edmonton is located on the shores of the North Saskatchewan River. This river contains a large variety of fish species including Sturgeon.

In the Northern part of the Province is the Alberta Northern Boreal region. This region contains many lakes full of Walleye and Pike that are only accessible by airplane or helicopter. There are many hidden lodges and camps in this region. Most of the lodges and camps in this region are located in very remote areas and most are accessible only by air. This region is also home to large rivers and lakes that retain a sense of remote access and solitude.

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