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Fly fishing is a very popular pastime in Canada. The big problem is that in most regions of the country the season is limited to the Summer season of the year. The best part is that when you can go fly fishing in Canada, the fishing is spectacular and better than just about anywhere in the world.

The country is divided up into 10 Provinces and 3 Territories and each region offers it’s own brand of fly fishing opportunities. From fishing Bass in lakes of every size to fishing Walleye in many of the rivers and lakes of the country to fishing Atlantic Salmon on the East Coast, Steelhead in the Great Lakes and on the West Coast and trout of various types almost everywhere, Canada offers endless fly fishing opportunities.

We also offer several different ways to access the best fishing. Many of the fishing holes you can drive right up to, some you have to fly in to, or take a riverboat. We also offer accomodations from tent camping to remote fly in 5 star resorts. The best part about fly fishing in Canada is that the fishing spots are not crowded. There are a few places that have a lot of traffic at certain times of the year but quite often you will be able to fish a lake or river and not see another fisherman for sometimes days at a time.

If you are worried about not being able to get certain supplies for your fishing adventure, don’t be. All of the cities have everything you need from your favorite foods, fuel, repair facilities and regional information. We have regions where there are whole communities that cater just to tourists and fishermen.

British Columbia

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In the West the Province of British Columbia stretches along the coast from Washington State to Alaska. The fishing opportunities include every kind of fish from Bass to huge Tyhee Salmon. For more information about the fly fishing opportunities in British Columbia Click Here


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Next to British Columbia is the Province of Alberta. Alberta is completely land locked and has no access to any ocean. There is no Salmon fishing in Alberta. There is however fly fishing opportunities for Pike as long as your leg, lakes full of Walleye and mountian streams full of trout, and Whitefish. For more information on the fly fishing opportunities in Alberta Click Here.


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To the East of Alberta, is the Province of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is a land of prairie in the South and in the North there are so many lakes full of Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout that it would take several lifetimes to fish them all. For more information on the fantastic fly fishing in Saskatchewan Click Here


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Next to Saskatchewan is Manitoba. Manitoba like Saskathewan is a land of Prairie in the South and a lake of Lakes in the North. All of the lakes are full of fish hungry to take a well placed fly. For more information on fly fishing in Manitoba, Click Here


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To the East of Manitoba is the Province of Ontario. Ontario has so many lakes full of fish that you can hardly count them all. There are opportunities in Ontario to catch every species of fish available in North America including Pacific Salmon. For more information on the fly fishing opportunities in Ontario, Click Here


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The next Province in Quebec. Even with the biggest city in Canada, Quebec has a wide variety of fly fishing opportunities. You can also choose your accomodations from a campground to a luxury lodge beside a world class Salmon strearm. For more information on the fly fishing opportunities in Quebec, Click Here

New Brunswick

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To the East of Quebec is New Brunswick. New Brunswick has a great abundance of fly fishing opportunities with it’s access to the Atlantic ocean, as well as the inland lakes and rivers. For more information on the fly fishing activities in New Brunswick, Click Here

Nova Scotia

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Also in the Maritime region of Canada is Nova Scotia. Again there are an abundance of fly fishing opportunities for Atlantic Salmon on the coast as well as other fish species in several inland lakes and river. For more information on the fly fishing opportunities in Nova Scotia, Click Here

Prince Edward Island

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Prince Edward Island is the smallest Province. Most of the fly fishing opportunities in Prince Edward Island are for Atlantic Salmon and other ocean species. For more information of fly fishing Prince Edward Island, Click Here


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The largest Atlantic Province is Newfoundland. Newfoundland consists for the farthest east island in Canada and the Labrador coast. Besides the opportunities to catch Atlantic Salmon, there are also lakes and rivers full of several different kinds of fish. For more information on fly fishing Newfoundland, Click Here

Yukon Territory

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Back in the Northwest corner of Canada is the Yukon territory. The Yukon is a land of remote lakes and large rivers full of several different types of fish. Blocked from the Pacific Ocean by Alaska, the Yukon is a remote rugged land full of history and record size Pikd and Lake Trout. For more information on fly fishing the Yukon Territory, Click Here

Northwest Territories

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Next to the Yukon is the Northwest Territory. In this Territory you will find many lakes and rivers full of fish, but no roads. All of your fishing trips are likely to include travel on some sort of aircraft. For more information on fly fishing the Northwest Territory, Click Here


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To the far North East of Canada is the Territory of Nunavut. This is our newest territory and has the fewest roads. Like the Northwest Territory, your fly fishing adventure to this territory will include transportation by aircraft. For more information on fly fishing Nunavut Territory, Click Here

All of the Provinces and Territories have jurisdiction over the fish and wildlife in their region and therefore there is a great variety of fishing regulations and rules. You will need to purchase a separate fishing licence for every Province or Territory that you fish. In addition if you are fishing a National Park you will also need to purchase a Federal fishing licence.

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